Andy Stern Pillow Handplant

Andy Stern Shot of the Day

Andy busted out a pretty sick miller flip over this mushroom pillow today. We decided to search the side of the road for interesting features and this pillow stood out instantly. After a little build and some attempts at a switch backside rodeo handplant, Andy decided to try a different trick and stomped ‘er first try. Its nice to stack a hamm at the end of the day. We checked the clock and realized that there was 30 minutes to catch the final shuttle bus home so we quickly packed our bags and hustled up the streets to catch the bus with 2 minutes to spare. NICE, Real nice!

Andy Stern Pillow Handplant

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  1. LJ

    Surreal, artistic feeling to this….like it’s in some kind of a induced dream! Great combination of talent on both sides of the camera!

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