Nature[STYLE] – Hokkaido, Japan

Nature[STYLE] – Hokkaido, Japan is an all new 4k movie project our crew is working on this season. Here is a breakdown of some of the details about our independent film.

During the two previous winters we spent the majority of our time scouting the island and making connections with locals. Finally we feel ready to tell the story of what its like to visit Hokkaido and experience the sights and sounds of the people, culture, and the environment of this very unique part of the world.


We will be living with locals in Niseko, and journeying by land and water in search of the nature and lifestyle specific to winter in Hokkaido. Our goal is to capture the true feeling of what Hokkaido is all about. From the best ramen in the world, to volcanoes, icebergs, snow ghosts, vending machines and of course the best powder in the world. Hokkaido has more snowfall on average per year than any other place on Earth.


photo by Andy Bergin-Sperry


Our goal is to capture what its like to live and ride in a Japanese winter. We will then present our film when we get home to Seattle in a 4k capable theater, during a special premiere party and art show.


photo by Andy Bergin-Sperry


After we return from Japan, we plan on spending time cutting down the footage, editing, and completing post production (such as sound mixing, color correction, titling and special effects). We are going to go the extra mile to make this as close to a Hollywood production as possible – under a snowboarder’s budget. We have a ton of motivation, and we are willing to stay up day and night all summer to make sure this project exceeds expectations, and then some.

Japan -  Andy Stern slashing - photo by Jeremy Dubs

Nature[STYLE] will be presented at a special premiere party in Seattle on a 4k display for an experience you might only get from a Hollywood production. As the technology is very new, we are excited to share the Hokkaido experience in beautiful 4k cinematography, using a 4k projector. We want to bring you the Japanese experience with all it’s cinematic and cultural potential. Additionally, we are planning to submit this documentary into a variety of independent film festivals, as well as releasing it on iTunes, Netflix & for purchase online.

Andy Beard is HairyAndy-Bergin-Sperry-Japan-Slashes

Thanks for your support 🙂 We look forward to showcasing this film for all of you.

Risks and challenges

The main risks incur in editing and post production, all of the hidden costs in putting the film together, and renting a theater with 4k technology.

Aside from that, we feel like the risks are very limited for this project. We have dedicated a large part of our last two winters exploring Hokkaido’s winter landscape, culture, and environment.

Aditionally, we have invested “out-of-pocket” for all of our travel expenses and 4k camera equipment. We need to be very productive in Japan, spending every day stacking video shots to compile next-level content. Our goal is to produce a film festival worthy production with whatever resources we can get. We plan on shoveling snow, sleeping on couches, and doing whatever it takes to keep the trip going.


photo by Andy Bergin-Sperry

naturestyle patches close up naturestyle patches


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