Sapporo Chitose Airport Arrival

Sapporo Chitose Airport

We arrived to Sapporo Chitose Airport at about 7pm Japan time, which was basically 4am for us. It was quite a journey and we were happy to set foot back on the ground after traveling over the Pacific Ocean for so long. We first spotted the island of Hokkaido from the air and at first glance it seemed really flat, just above sea level. The first good sign was that the entire island was covered in snow. Considering that we didn’t know much about Japan and hadn’t booked a hotel room for the night we were a little nervous getting off the plane.
Sapporo Chitose Airport Arrival

We spotted some vending machines with a bunch of cool drinks and Andy picked out something randomly. Its crazy because some drinks are ice cold, but if you purchase a coffee it comes out hot in the can. We noticed a cigarette vending machine next to it, which anyone could purchase some cigs from without ID. We were definitely not in the US anymore.

Sapporo Chitose Airport Vending Machines

We asked how to get to Sapporo at the information desk and they pointed us toward the JRTrain terminal. We hopped on the magic carpet to ease the burden of carrying about 250-300 pounds of snowboard gear. That was about the moment we decided we may have overpacked a bit.

Sapporo Chitose Airport Magic Carpet

The technology was overwhelming us a bit but we managed to figure out where to buy train tickets to the city of Sapporo.

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