Getting gnarly in the streets Japan Style

Street Snowboarding in Grand Hirafu

Getting gnarly in the streets Japan Style
Seth Hill and Andy Stern getting hyped to hit this gnarly street spot.

Today we had a successful street mission gapping to this pillow on top of this pillar in Grand Hirafu. It was a big drop with a landing in the street. Andy Stern and Seth Hill both were there to get some shots. The feature was high profile, right near one of the main walkways in front of Grand Niseko’s Family Lift. People were watching from the hotel balconies right above the feature, and tossed us each an Asahi beer off their deck. The second we finished building the feature, all the ski schools got done for the day and a huge crowd gathered to watch the session go down. Dropping to hoots and hollers Seth sent it into the landing which spit the rider into the middle of the street. They each got straight airs then went for spins off the pillow and got a couple cool shots. Unfortunately Seth took a spill at the end of the session, but not before he got a 360 tapper to drop.

Andy Stern sending it to stomp
Andy Stern sending it over the pillow to STOMP!

Seth Hill Discussing the Angle of the Jump
Seth Hill Discussing the Angle of the Jump with Tim Cole, an Aussie who has been living in Niseko for a while. Notice some of the fans gathered who were watching Seth and Andy’s every move intently.

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  1. Mark O

    Those in the background looking on intently, the one with the beer and other with the log splitter jacket ready to cut dome some trees are friends, Niseko Grand Hirafu is such a good place, 😀 good shredding times, so good!

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