Whether The Weather is…Weather.

A big part of a snowboard trip is snowboarding. A big part of snowboarding is, wait for it… Snow. How do we get snow? Clouds, precipitation- Weather (I hope you get the idea that I’m simplifying things here a little bit).

As things stand we can’t control the weather, which means when you make snowboarding plans you really are at the whim and mercy of the great snow gods above. That’s where we’ve been for a good portion of this trip so far. When we first got here, it had snowed just a few days prior and there were flurries floating down through the sky at night. Then, we hit an almost week-long dry spell where we got no snow and temperatures were mild, then hot, then cold, leaving us only with the vague promise of future snowfall.

Although this doesn’t make things ideal for a snowboard trip, it does mean you have to either get more creative with what you’re doing or go insane from staring at blue or overcast skies that aren’t dropping any white stuff. The former is what we’ve been trying to go for; get more creative with what we have and don’t go crazy. I can say we’ve been doing some of the stressing as well, but a healthy dose of stress can actually turn into a very strong motivator to get out and find shit to do.

I’m not saying what we got during our snow draught was was better than blasting fresh pillows down a Japanese hillside, but it kept us moving and thinking and snowboarding and definitely built up our stoke for fresh snow. (Which is happening now; we had to dig about two feet of snow out from the walkway at Negula this morning so we could come and go. Good way to start the day).

Dealing with bad weather or non-ideal conditions is a huge part of traveling for riding, and something people can forget very easily. As you watch the newest online edit you don’t always think about how long they had to wait to get each and every snow-covered shot; nevermind how long it took to get there, set it up and finally, actually, do it.

So here’s to making weather work; whether it’s the weather you wanted or not.


Andy and Colby are this excited that it's finally snowing.

Andy and Colby are this excited that it’s finally snowing.

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